Welcome to Salon Mexico

Welcome to Salon Mexico. A great place to dance and learn to dance in a friendly, non-threatening, smoke-free, bi-lingual environment. Dances taught include tango, salsa, waltz, swing, cha-cha, danzon, bolero, and merengue. We teach a basic lesson in a different Latin dance every Friday from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. and dance to a variety of Latin dance tunes until 10:30 p.m. Singles, couples, dancers and non- dancers are welcome.

4707 Broadway, San Antonio TX 78209.


Dance Schedule
Send us an email to receive dance schedule reminder (salon.mexico.mail3@gmail.com)
May 1 7:00pm~10:30pm Tango & Milonga
May 8 7:00pm~10:30pm Swing
May 15 7:00pm~10:30pm Chachacha & Mambo
May 22 7:00pm~10:30pm Waltz & Paso Doble
May 29 7:00pm~10:30pm Danzon & Bolero
June 5 7:00pm~10:30pm Salsa & Cumbia
June 12 7:00pm~10:30pm Bachata & Merengue
June 19 7:00pm~10:30pm Tango & Milonga
June 26 7:00pm~10:30pm Swing
July 3 7:00pm~10:30pm Chachacha & Mambo
July 10 7:00pm~10:30pm Waltz & Paso Doble
July 17 7:00pm~10:30pm Danzon & Bolero
July 24 7:00pm~10:30pm Salsa & Cumbia
July 31 No Dance No Dance
August 7 7:00pm~10:30pm Tango & Milonga
August 14 7:00pm~10:30pm Swing
August 21 7:00pm~10:30pm Chachacha & Mambo
August 28 7:00pm~10:30pm Danzon & Bolero
September 4 No Dance No Dance
September 11 7:00pm~10:30pm Salsa & Cumbia
September 18 7:00pm~10:30pm Tango & Milonga
September 25 8:00pm~11:00pm Live Music with Daniel Monserrat